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Post by Ethe on Thu Dec 10, 2009 10:41 am

Rawr! So here is my introduction, and it's also an idea for everyone else to post theirs too in this format :3

Character: Ethe, Pally
Real Name: Anita
Age: 19
Location: Australia
Gender: Female (WE EXIST)

A little about yourself:
I'm obsessed with MMO's, I love doing anything creative and I'm working towards a degree in Psychology in the future. Long way to go yet, for now I'm just working as much as I can to save up enough money to LIVE.

I'm a dedicated Holy Paladin who knows her class, and I LOVE healing. I do, I love it. Probably because I suck at PvP and any form of DPS xD

Anyway, I'm pretty easy to get along with, I can be perverted at times but don't run away. I promise I don't bite :<

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