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Post by Ethe on Sat Dec 12, 2009 9:07 pm

Knowledge is important for a successful guild. I will be posting many resources for you to browse in your spare time, some of these you will find yourself going back to simply because its useful while you are ingame.

Database Sites

WoWhead - The absolute best place to find Quest, Mob, Loot and NPC information. You'll find yourself using this all the time when you get stuck in quests or are in need of a fight strategy.

Thottbot - Similar to WoWhead, less graphics intensive

Game Atlas - I only found this one recently thanks to Silver. It has a lot of cool features like a zone overview with all the points of interest noted. Definitely worth checking out.

Addons and Customization

Curse - Curse addons can be a little annoying to navigate because it has SO MANY addons, but usually the best are kept here, and are always updated.

WoW Interface - I prefer curse to this one, but definitely worth checking out aswell.


General Information

WoWWiki - Lore, Class information, Faction guides, it's all here.

Bosskillers - This one is important. You are gonna be required to know boss fights so you don't bring the rest of the group or raid down. So it doesn't hurt to study up, right?

If you have any more links, please PM me or reply.

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